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Most of the Society's activities take place on Monday evenings and are open to members, prospective members, and non-members interested in a single event.

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The Society

Newark & District Photographic Society has existed to promote and provide support for Amateur Photography in and around Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England since 1938.

A keen group of photographers, we meet weekly between September and April to hear guest speakers talk on their photographic techniques & experiences, and to receive constructive criticism of our own work.

This website was created to allow parties interested in photography both locally and further afield to see what we do. You will find contact details, news, reminders of upcoming events and competition deadlines, our current programme, society and competition rules, guidelines for nature competitions, preparation guides for print and projected digital image competitions, and several galleries of members' work.

All correspondence should be emailed to the relevant contact or posted to the Hon. General Secretary: Newark & District Photographic Society, c/o 104b North Gate, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1HF.

Latest News

Change of Lecture: 20th February 2017


Instead of a print and PDI talk about the taking, editing, and printing, of photographs of people – from street photography to family and friends – Stuart Crump ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP shall deliver his 'Long Exposures' talk, a talk on the use of long exposure techniques (i.e. between ¼ second and 4 minutes) showing a wide range of images, mainly landscapes and seascapes.

Change of Lecture, 7th November 2016


'What is Photography about?' by Paul O'Flanagan replaces the previously planned talk 'Impressions of my Photography' by Steven Le Provost FRPS.

Change of Venue for 24/10/2016 – Remote Places: Penguins, Lights and Wild(ish) Spaces


Newark Showground have advised us that they shall be closed for emergency electrical repairs on the 24th and 25th of October.

Chiz Dakin's lecture, Remote Places: Penguins, Lights and Wild(ish) Spaces, on the 24th of October is the only Society event affected and this shall now take place at:

The Salvation Army – Newark
Church Centre
Mead Way
NG24 3GA

Photographer of the Year Judging Change


Peter Jones ARPS, CPAGB can no longer be here for the Photographer of the Year Heat 1 Projected Digital Images on the 3rd of October and shall instead judge the Photographer of the Year Heat 2 Prints on the 17th of October.

Sue Hartley, who was to judge the Photographer of the Year Heat 2 Prints, shall now be judging the Photographer of the Year Heat 1 Projected Digital Images on the 3rd of October.

Advanced Notification of 2017–2018 themes for Photographer of the Year Themed Sections


While authors are free to explore any ideas these themes invoke for them, it is worth noting that judges will take into account how well they believe the author has interpreted the brief. As such, subtle and fringe interpretations may not fare as well in judging as obvious ones ? even where the less obvious image would have won in an open section. Having said that, more obvious interpretations may suggest themselves to multiple authors, so, try to be creative.

For those struggling to interpret these catchy theme titles, the following non-prescriptive and non-exhaustive definitions may help.

Heat 1: Shadows and Silhouettes
A classic subject for photography emphasising lines and shapes. As well as simple shadows and silhouettes, expect to see contre-jour (against the light) images where the light source is present and plays as important a part as the silhouette it creates.

Heat 2: Domesticated Animals
While Nature competitions allow captive animals (unlike Wildlife competitions), domestic animals are excluded and so this is your opportunity to test yourself against other members' animal photography ? whether pets or livestock.

Heat 3: Letters, Numbers, and Signs
Another staple of photography lessons and many a first foray into photography. Don't just think literal letters, numbers, or signs ? think about scenes representative of letters (perhaps using a play on words), multiples, and anything that signifies something.

Heat 4: Doors, Windows, and Arches
Yet another classic, architectural details have been photographed since Fox Talbot's first experiments. Don't ignore what nature has to offer though, with arches and openings that provide a window onto another scene being regularly formed by the action of water on stone or by the way trees and plants twist and contort to follow the light or under the pressure of the wind.

Heat 5: Detail (close-ups of a part, not the whole)
Micro photography (photography through a microscope), Macro photography (at least 1:1), and other Close Focus techniques/technologies, can all result in the capture of some small detail that would normally escape the naked eye and are commonly used in nature photography to capture small insects and fungi. For this heat we aren't however just looking for macro photography of the small, or of typical macro subjects, but rather for interesting imagery of some small detail. Even if you don't have the equipment to tackle micro/macro photography, you can still take (or isolate from your capture) some small detail of a larger whole. Please remember though that we are looking for a detail – so no complete items and, to further level the playing field, no nature allowed.

Heat 6: A Celebration of Summer
Whether celebrating the natural beauty of summer or recording people or animals enjoying summer, this is one theme you won't want to tackle over the winter months.

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